The lovely Red_Rose and Veruca_Salt enjoying Dos Equis

Buddy Jesus aka. GravyRug


Oliver Clozoff

Nike and PowrDragn

BluesBoy2 and Someplace


The group lost in conversation and chips and salsa

Here we are joined by a new guest, InflatablePhallus

IP is having such a great time, just look at that smile

She's trying not to stare

#1tankcommander and marksgirl

IP has now joined the conversation at the other end of the table

who has a shinier head?

Two random servers and one happy IP. we are all so jealous

A shy veruca_salt in front of the camera, but not shy at the BBQ place

The party has moved to the BBQ place. finally a place us smokers can light up and not have to go outside.

Aren't they cute

DevilishTexan is telling his tall tales and BBWK is caught drinking a beer. Oh my!!

TXBeau has arrived and is waiting for his TXBelle

TXBelle has arrived after a long work shift.

two guys in heaven and BBWK enjoying the nuzzling of her bosom