You have a dominant kiss- you take charge and make
sure your partner can feel it! Done artfully,
it can be very satisfactory if he/she is into
you playing the dominant role MEORW!
What kind of kiss are you?

You are Tank-
You are Tank, from "The Matrix." Loyal
till the end, you spare no expense in ensuring
the well-being of others.
What Matrix Persona Are You?

You have the Power of Flight!
What's Your Magic Power?

cuddle and a kiss
cuddle and a kiss on the forehead - you like to be
close to your special someone and feel warm,
comfortable, and needed
What Sign of Affection Are You?

Old. You'll have a long (happy?) life and you'll
die at a very elderly age. Like 80 or
something. Nothing to roll your eyes at, eh?
Probably from a disease or something. You
wanted to die young, because you're a bit of a
slug and don't have many goals, but you never
get what you want.
At what age will you die?

You're the suggestive grin,mostly used while
flirting and accompanied by the come-hither
look.You're either an attention hog or way too
insecure to not be in the spotlight at all
times.No one can quite tell.Calm down and learn
to be regular,ya perv.
What Kind of Smile are You?

Yellow info
Your Heart is Yellow
What Color is Your Heart?

Which Personality Disorder Do You Have?

I am not a type of music
You're nothing, really. But you're nice.
What type of music are you?

Blue Eyes
What Color Eyes Should You Have?

Amateur movie! You might not be too experienced in
the way of sex...but chances are, you do enjoy
it (or the thought of it). We'll probably see
you in some home video that surfaces on the
internet one day.
What kind of porno would you star in?

You're An Inu (Dog)! Loyal and protective.
A true friend all the way. You love
having yours ears scratched, and being
near your loved ones.
What Type Of Anime Character Are You?

you suck, and that's sad
you are the "you suck, and that's sad"
happy bunny. your truthful, but can be a bit
which happy bunny are you?

You see the would in Red, Green, and Blue
Red/Green/Blue: To you, the world is logical. Everything happens
for a reason, life is scientific. You like to
find solutions. I doubt you needed to take this
quiz in order to realize this.
What color do you see the world in?

What Is Your Animal Personality?

I am an overly happy A.D.D kitten
Which cute or possibly strange kitten are you?